Looking back...at what Jeff built: Front Yard Fence

Jeff was making magic long before I started blogging, so I want to feature something he built back in the day (meaning over a year ago) every so often.  Today I'm sharing one of our first and proudest projects (ignore the grammar there): our front yard fence.  We designed and built it together from scratch and we are still so happy with the results. 
This is what the fence looked like before.  We have a nice big and flat front yard, so it just made sense to keep it fenced in. The original fence looks nice enough in this picture, but in reality sections of it were falling down and it was just really beat up.  Not to mention, it wasn't really our style. 
We wanted something different and modern and had seen a few homes in our old neighborhood that had horizontal fencing.  We decided to go with it, and this is the result.

 Although, Jeff did all the heavy lifting, he did enlist my help in assembling the fence slats.  And I became a pro with the nail gun. {A word about my work attire...I figure if I have to work in the hot sun, I might as well try to get a tan.  Anyone with me on that?} 

 Jeff designed the fence with a cap on top and then drilled little holes in it to put these solar powered lights in the fence.  They are the kind that you are suppose to stick in the ground.  Jeff just broke the stake portion off and stuck the little knob into the pre-drilled hole.  Its definitely MacGyvered (or should I just say MacJeffed? ...I'm laughing at my own bad joke right now), but its been holding up well over the last two years. 


  1. HI lady! WOW So glad you found my blog!!! Praise God! Where do you live in So Cal? How long have you been married! So so encouraged by you. Thank you!

    1. We live in San Diego now. We have been married for 5 years this September and are enjoying our first kid.

  2. I just found your blog through Cara's above, and am also from OC. It would be great if we could all meet up. Your baby is adorable! and nice work on that sweet fence!! love Katie

  3. Hey love the fence! What kind of wood did you use?

  4. looks great. So why not at least high-level what material was used to build the fence?

  5. I LOVE this fence! Do you think you could provide more information of how you went about building it?

  6. Ditto! Could you share your process? Did you use pallets for this? Could you share cost, tools, etc? Would love to know as I love the design and would like to use it for my backyard.

  7. I love the look of the fence! It is beautiful! Was the wood treated? My husband was concerned that it might not weather very well or might warp.

  8. Can I ask how much this project cost?